Recycling Program

The Municipality of Patmos, sensitive to environmental issues, is subject to the Recycling- Recovery of Materials Program for the implementation of which has a contract with the Greek Recovery Recycling Corporation SA.

The materials recycled by the municipality according to this contract are:

  • Glass containers (bottles and jars)
  • Plastic packaging (bottles) made from PET
  • Plastic packaging (bottles and cans) from HDPE
  • Plastic packaging (bottles and jars) from PP
  • Paper packaging
  • Paper packaging of liquid products
  • Boxes and aluminum packaging
  • Iron boxes and packaging
  • Cooking oil

In order to implement the program, colored recycling bins have been installed on the island in 18 points, and approximately every 18 days, a truck departs from Patmos with destination the Sorting-Recycling materials Centres.