Fairs / Feasts

Fairs / Feasts

St. Panteleimon of Hiliomodi island is celebrated on July 27th. On the eve of the feast, vespers are followed by a big fair. Locals and visitors of Patmos create one group and show off their dancing skills. To visit Hiliomodi, it is required to board on a boat sailing from the port of Patmos, Skala.

The fair of Panaghia of Geranos, a traditional feast with food, dance and singing, is realized on the day of the Assumption of the Virgin (the 15th of August) at the location Geranos,. The chapel is located on the hilltop of the same named region of the island and is one of the most beautiful and picturesque landscapes of Patmos. Housewives of the island cook and offer to the guests of the feast their goods while musicians play traditional songs of Patmos.

St. Thekla Osiapostolos is celebrated on September 24th. Her church is built on the same named islet opposite Agriolivadi. Charter boats with locals and visitors arrive on the eve of the feast to enjoy the Vespers by the Pope of Campos, the “artoklasia” (the Breaking of the Loaves) and the traditional “kafedisma” (the treat of coffee).

The famous feast of Panaghia is realiised in Arki, during the novena of Virgin Mary on August 23th, where many visitors gather to enjoy themselves. The feast is held on the square of the island and lasts until the wee hours with food, wine, live music and dancing.


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