Greetings from the mayor

Dear citizens, dear visitors

In my authority as mayor of Patmos, I welcome all of you in the municipality’s network which was developed to correspond to needs and requirements of both citizens and visitors. 

Our wish is to upgrade this networks functionality, by giving the opportunity to visitors to have limitless potential to the official municipality’s services. By this way, it is created a basic channel of communication, to achieve promotion of the insular living, of religiousness and in the name of natural environment, culture and traditions of our historical and beautiful island.

Through this network page, inhabitants and visitors of Patmos as well, are both informed and also converse, discuss problems and produce new ideas, promote the cause of municipality with social dialogue and get their voice. This can actually be succeeded by developing communication in the following internet addresses: [email protected] and [email protected]. Our vision is to create a municipality with simultaneous actions, with substructures and prospect, for the common good and for individuals as well.

After this point, we expect from all visitors, to come to our unique island and get extraordinary experiences.


The mayor